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Ambrette Seed Oil


Ambrette Seed Oil


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This oil is extracted and derived from the fully ripened seeds of the ambrette plant. This plant is native from India and is popularly known as Mushkdana or Kasturi Bhendi. An evergreen shrub, this plant is in West Indies, China and Indonesia. Fully ripened seeds are used from the plants to extract this oil. This is a plant, belongs to Malvaceae family, native to Indian soil. An aromatic and medicinal plant, this is also commonly known as Mushkdana or Kasturi Bhendi. The oil is red or pale yellow in color and non-toxic in nature. This oil is widely used in cosmetics, perfumery and medicines. The oil is light in consistency and high on aroma. Chemical Composition : It contains constituents like ambrettolide, (Z)-7-hexadecen-16-olide), farnesol and ambrettolic acid Botanical Name : Abelmoschus moschatus medik Common Method Of Extraction : Steam distillation Parts Used : Fully ripened seeds Note Classification : Base Aroma : Sweet, floral, rich and musky Blends Well With : Lavender, amyris, peppermint, gurgun balsam and orange essential oils

  • Product Code: EO/031
  • Botanical Name: Abelmoschus moschatus medik
  • Origin: -
  • Parts Used: Seed
  • Use: Native to Indian soil, this ambrette plant is a beautiful tropical hibiscus plant with bright yellow flowers. Commonly known as Mushkdana or Kasturi Bhendi, the pods of the plants contain kidney shaped beans with sweet and flowery smell. The smell of ambrette is very powerful and there is no substitute for it. Used in making perfumes and other skin care and cosmetic products
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