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Bitter Gourd Oil


Bitter Gourd Oil

Category - CARRIER OIL

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Bitter Gourd oil is being used to treat cuts, wounds, tumors, arthritis, rheumatism, malaria, and menstrual related problems. This therapeutic grade oil is derived through an extensive cold pressed method from the seeds of Bitter Gourd (botanically known as Momordica Charantia). Momordica charantia is also known as bitter melon, bitter gourd or bitter squash in English and has many other local names. It is a tropical or subtropical vine that belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family and is extensively grown in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean island.

  • Product Code: CO/002
  • Botanical Name: Momordica Charantia
  • Origin: India
  • Parts Used: Seed
  • Use: The antiseptic property of Bitter Gourd oil works effectively against open cuts wounds and prevent infection from becoming septic. The high beta-carotene in this oil makes it helpful in alleviating eye problems and improving eyesight.
  • Packaging: We can supply essential Oils in small bottles of different dimensions like, 50ml, 100ml,500ml,1kg,5kg,10kg,20kg, etc. Also we can supply the essential oils in bulk packaging like, Aluminum Drums, GI Drums, Plastic Drums of various dimensions 50/100 liters drums.
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