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Caraway Oil


Caraway Oil


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Caraway Oil is a biennial herb that originated from Asia Minor but is now cultivated in Northern Europe, Africa and Russia. It grows up to 60cm (2 feet) and has soft fern-like leaves, umbels of white/pink flowers and small brown fruit. These herb are bi-annual having umbels white/pink flower and little brown fruit. The oil is distilled from dried rip seeds through Steam distillation and total oil yield is 2 to 8%. Blends with - Basil, coriander, chamomile, frankincense, lavender, ginger and orang Color- Colorless to pale yellow liquid

  • Product Code: EO/020
  • Botanical Name: Carum Carvi
  • Origin: France,Russia
  • Parts Used: Carum Carvi
  • Use: The Therapeutic (Therapuetic) properties of Caraway oil, Carum carvi, nclude: anti-histaminic, antiseptic, astringent, carminative, digestive, disinfectant, emmenagogue, expectorant, stimulant, stomachic, tonic and vermifuge. As an expectorant it helps clear bronchitis, bronchial asthma and coughs. It is also helpful in cases of sore throats and laryngitis. Caraway oil has a sweet spicy odor with a slight peppery smell. Caraway oil is very helpful and used for Flatulence, Digestion, colic, Bronchial asthma. The oil is also highly helpful cases of sore throats and laryngitis. Caraway oil beneficial for Urinary system. It help in claming nerves and soothes mental fatigue.
  • Packaging: We can supply essential Oils in small bottles of different dimensions like, 50ml, 100ml,500ml,1kg,5kg,10kg,20kg, etc. Also we can supply the essential oils in bulk packaging like, Aluminum Drums, GI Drums, Plastic Drums of various dimensions 50/100 liters drums.
  • Price Sample: $4.00
  • 100 ML: $8.00
  • 250 ML: $19.00
  • 500 ML: $34.00
  • 1 KG: $60.00
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