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Chamomile Oil ( German )


Chamomile Oil ( German )


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Chamomile oil Roman has such a lovely scent - an exceptionally soft and sweet aroma, perfect for all aromatherapy applications. Chamomile oil Roman is comes from the flowers of the (Metricarea recutica) plants. The production of chamomile flowers and oil in the country can be enhanced by evolving improved variety puffing larger areas under cultivation in the plains of northern India. It is used in several medicinal preparations in Europe and the traditional Unani medicines prevalent in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. The essential oil obtained from the capitulate is the major ingredient in chamomile based health care products. The flower oil is also valued in the flavour, perfumery and cosmetic industries.

  • Product Code: EO/033
  • Botanical Name: Metricaria Recutica
  • Origin: -
  • Parts Used: Flower
  • Use: Chamomile oil Roman finds uses in flavoring alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, ice creams, candies, baked goods, high-grade perfumes ‘and in ‘medicines as expectorant, carminative, sedative and ulcer- protecting properties. The oils used for shampoos and face creams. Chamomile e acts have also found other uses such as mosquito repellency and biological control of pests dyeing. Chamomile oil Roman commonly used for Relaxation, Calming / Soothing Anxiety, Immunostimulant, Headache, Insomnia, Sleeplessness, Arthritic Joints, Rheumatism, Menstrual Disorder.
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