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Honeysuckle Oil


Honeysuckle Oil


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Honeysuckle is a high grade oil and alcohol free with long lasting essence oil. The oil is extracted from flowers through the steam distillation method. The oil is most expensive aromatherapy oil is also most popular and lovely smell. mostly happy feeling it produces, honeysuckle essential oil is used in gentler therapies. Honeysuckle oil Known for its fragrance, medicinal qualities and beauty, honeysuckle is a perennial herb native to China, Japan, Korea and Britain. It is also found in parts of the United States. It is a climbing vine with a dense root system and has simple, opposite and pinnate leaves. Honeysuckle is edible and highly medicinal. The flowers, flower buds and stems are the main parts used in medicines. The oil extracted from honeysuckle is also highly useful in various ailments and diseases.

  • Product Code: EO/048
  • Botanical Name: Lonicera Species
  • Origin: India
  • Parts Used: Flower
  • Use: Honeysuckle oil is excellent in aromatherapy and is used to scent candles. It is a high-grade essential oil and known for its long-lasting fragrance and is alcohol-free. The oil provides a sweet and calming fragrance which is used as an additive to perfume body oils, skin lotions, soaps, potpourri, massage oils and bath oils. Since honeysuckle oil clears heat, wind and toxins from the blood and liver, it is used in many cleansing and detoxifying blends. It is well-known for bringing erotic dreams. The oil is used for treating sore throat, fever, skin blemishes and rashes. Due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, honeysuckle oil is used to dispel heat and remove toxins including carbuncles, fevers, influenza and ulcers. Honeysuckle oil is added to shampoos and conditioners to give hair a silky softness and eliminating dryness and brittleness. Adding a few drops of honeysuckle oil in the bath gives a feeling of happiness. Diluting a few drops of the oil in unscented lotion smoothes the skin. Adding a few drops in water and spraying moderately throughput the house gives a refreshing scent thus, reducing odors. Note -The information in product description is intended for educational purposes only and should not be used to replace the care of a qualified physician. This data is not considered complete and is not guaranteed to be accurate for all applications.
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