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Lavender Oil ( Bulgarian )


Lavender Oil ( Bulgarian )


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Lavender oil comes from the flower tops of Lavender angustifolia plant. Its flowery scant and a balancing effect on the body and mind. Lavender Essential oil extracted through the steam distillation process. The oil composition differs between lavender and lavandin oils. An odour evaluation of lavender oil is herbal. floral, fresh, the top note having green, hay-like and Fruity aspects and on dry-out being sweet and slightly woody while the lavandin oil is fresh, herbal, floral, slightly spicy, depending on the cineole content as the odor is more or less mint. Lavender oil has many benefits for skin care. Lavandula augustafolia is an evergreen shrub that produces bluish mauve flowers. Its native land is the mediterranean area of southern France. The oil is made from the flowers and processed by a steam distillation method. Lavender is one of the gentlest essential oils, making it great to use for children and the elderly. In addition to helping skin problems, this oil has been used since biblical times for headaches, stress, disinfecting, burns, depression, and insomnia.

  • Product Code: EO/051
  • Botanical Name: Lavender Angustifolia
  • Origin: -
  • Parts Used: Flower
  • Use: • For skin problems like acne, eczema, dermatitis, and insect bites, lavender can be your best friend. This oil is both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. It can be applied neat on acne or bug bites. For larger areas, mix one drop of lavender with a small pea-sized amount of lotion, and then apply to affected area. • Greeks and Romans used lavender for burns in ancient times. It helps burns due to its anti-inflammatory abilities and helps the skin heal and renew itself. Apply 'neat' to small burns (quarter sized). For larger areas, mix three drops of oil with a quarter sized amount of aloe vera gel. Apply the oil as soon as you can after being burnt. • Lavender also has sedative effects. Try adding a few drops to bath water for a calm, quiet bath time. Lavender sprayed in the babies room can help quiet crying and promote sleep. Do not spray directly on children. Note -The information in product description is intended for educational purposes only and should not be used to replace the care of a qualified physician. This data is not considered complete and is not guaranteed to be accurate for all applications.
  • Packaging: Packing- 10ml,50ml,100ml,500ml,1kg,5kg,25kg,& Above Glass Bottles , Aluminum Bottles,Aluminum Drum,Etc
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