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Tea Tree Oil


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Tea Tree Oil is known to be an effective antiseptic and fungicide and promotes tissue healing. The following is some suggested therapeutic uses for this oil. This information is for educational purposes only. For serious or persistent problems consult a physician. Tea-Tree oil extracted from the leaves and twig of the Mlaleuca alternifolia trees. Its has a fresh, Medicinal scant. It has a too high anti- bacterial, anti- viral and good fungal effects. The oil is obtained from the leaves and twig through the steam distillation. Tea-Tree oil is one of the most important oil of Aromatherapy. The combination of germ fighting but immune system stimulant results in a very powerful natural product. Note -The information in product description is intended for educational purposes only and should not be used to replace the care of a qualified physician. This data is not considered complete and is not guaranteed to be accurate for all applications.

  • Product Code: EO/073
  • Botanical Name: Mlaleuca Alternifolia
  • Origin: -
  • Parts Used: -
  • Use: Acne - Dab on pure or add to warm water and rinse. You can add it to any facial wash you use. Athlete's Feet - Being a fungal based problem, Tea Tree Oil does a great job eliminating the problem. Put 2-3 drops in your palm and add a carrier oil or lotion and apply at least once a day. Boils - Wash the area surrounding the boil thoroughly and then apply full strength with a cotton swab two to four times each day for four days. A gauze pad saturated with the oil may also be applied directly to the boil for up to twelve hours. Bug Buster - We keep a spray bottle mixed with 15 drops of Tea Tree Oil and a quart of water to repel insects. In the summer ants tend to come in our patio door or along the exposed wall. When we see that begin, we spray our natural Bug Buster several times a day for several days and they'll find somewhere else to go. Natural doesn't work fast like chemicals, but then it doesn't kill a little bit of you either! Another favorite bug repellant is Clove Oil. Burns - Being a non-greasy and volatile oil, Tea Tree Oil is excellent for burns. Any of the oil which has not been absorbed within 10 minutes will evaporate, allowing the skin to breathe. Speedy treatment is essential. The burn should be put under cold running water or packed in ice for one minute. Then, alternate applications of Tea Tree Oil and cold water for ten more minutes. The oil may be poured from the bottle directly over the burn. The oil can be applied liberally twice daily for three to four days if necessary. Cold Sores - Apply the oil full strength daily for a week. Cuts - Clean the wound and apply the Tea Tree Oil directly to the cut two to three times the first day. You can continue to apply the oil twice daily for up to seven days thereafter. Dandruff - Add Tea Tree to your shampoo for dandruff, dry or oily scalp, and itchy scalp. Use 10 drops to an 8 ounce bottle. Diaper Rash - Apply 2-3 drops of oil mixed in your palm with a carrier oil (not baby oil - it contains mineral oil which causes Vitamin A deficiencies). Countertops - Use 15 drops to quart of water in a spray bottle. Use on countertops or for general cleaning. Tea Tree Oil along with Sunshine Concentrate will give you all the cleaning and laundry supplies you need in your home. Ear Aches - Rub two or three drops of the oil on the outer ear. Fleas - Use 10 drops to 8 oz. of water and spray on animal's coat as you rub it in. It will be good for their skin also. This needs to be done daily until the problem is under control in the home. After all fleas are gone you can put it in a spritzer bottle and give your animal a spritz all over once or twice a day if fleas are in the area. Read about cautions . Fungus Nails - Andrew Weil, M.D. in "Natural Health, Natural Medicine", says Tea Tree Oil will clear up fungal infections of both toenails and fingernails even if they are resistant to strong systemic antibiotics. Infected/Sore Nails - Applied several times a day. Insect Bites and Stings - As soon as possible, apply the oil full strength directly to the bite with a finger or cotton ball. Laundry Enhancer - add one teaspoon per load to deep clean laundry such as diapers or reduce transmission of fungal infections. Lice - Mix five drops of Tea Tree Oil in a teaspoon of shampoo and wash the hair. Repeat this treatment twice daily until the lice are gone. Pimples - Apply full strength with a cotton swab two to four times each day for four days. Scalp Problems - Itchy, dry, scaly or oily scalps can be helped with Tea Tree Oil. Use as shown above under "Dandruff." Sinus & Bronchial Congestion - Rub a few drops of the oil on the nose and sinuses and/or rub the oil on the chest. The vapors may be inhaled by adding five drops of the oil to a bowl of steaming hot water or to a vaporizer. Skin Problems - Use one teaspoon in a tub of bath water for a very invigorating bath. It is reported to help sooth and disinfect the skin in cases of psoriasis, eczema and so forth. Splinters - First, soak the afflicted area in hot water to soften the skin. Then, apply Tea Tree Oil full strength. Remove the splinter with a sterilized needle. Clean the cut, dry the area and reapply the oil. For deep slivers, Black Ointment, pine tar or lily of the valley herb applied to the area and covered with a dressing will help to draw the sliver to the surface. Sunburn - Dilute one part Tea Tree Oil with ten parts of olive oil or coconut oil and spread freely over the affected areas. This is reported to be soothing and pain-relieving and to reduce blistering and peeling. People have also applied tea tree oil full strength to sunburn. Ticks and Leeches - Apply Tea Tree Oil to the live tick or leech and surrounding skin. Leave for 20 minutes. The tick may fall off. If not, remove it carefully (make certain no part of the tick is left in the skin). Continue applying the oil to the bite three times per day for up to seven days.
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