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White Lotus Absolute Oil


White Lotus Absolute Oil

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White Lotus Absolute is an authentic oil from Tamil Nadu, India, that is distilled from wild flowers. Working best with floral oils, it has in it the ability to calm & sooth where users often feel more open to forgiveness & kindness. COMMON NAMES- Lotus, Safed Kamal BLENDS WITH: - All floral oils CONSTITUENTS - Polysaccharids 2.5%, Polysaccharids 5%, Saponin 5%.

  • Product Code: AB/001
  • Botanical Name: Nelumbo Nucifera
  • Origin: India
  • Parts Used: Flower
  • Use: White Lotus Absolute offered by us is less pungent & floral than Pink Lotus, but has a clarity & smoothness of its own. It has a mix of subtle aroma with powerful emotional and spiritual effect that provides a feeling of serenity & tranquility. Wonderful meditation oil, it is also associated with crown chakra and help in connecting the mind and the heart.
  • Packaging: 10ml,25ml,50ml,100ml,500ml,1kg & Above
  • Price Sample: $5.00
  • 10 ML: $14.00
  • 25 ML : $33.00
  • 50 ML: $64.00
  • 100 ML: $126.00
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